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C2 Montréal

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Engaging leaders, decision-makers and innovators

The C2 Montréal Governance Team

Mission statement

C2 Montréal is a non-profit organization aiming to advance both Québec’s economy and society by engaging present and future leaders, innovators and decision makers in a collaborative dialogue that generates purposeful and durable connections. We are an avant-garde platform for gatherings where commerce and creativity merge to create transformative experiences taking place in a setting like no other.

Creativity is our strong suit – it has the power to inspire the imagination and spur creative thinking and to give participants the tools they need to change their world on both personal and professional levels. We believe today’s organizations need to find novel solutions to social, technological, political and environmental challenges, not only to stand out, but to meet the needs of this most important of stakeholders: the human species.

Organizational structure

C2 Montréal was created in 2012 and is overseen by 11 administrators. Two representatives from C2 Montréal’s cofounding partners sit on its board: Sid Lee, who initiated the project and formed the non-profit, and Cirque du Soleil.

Our values

  • C2 is objective-driven

  • Diversity

  • Creative thinking

  • Risk-taking

  • Respect

  • Innovation and collaboration

  • Humanism and sustainability

Board of Directors

  • Claudine Blondin Bronfman

    Chair of the C2 Montréal Board of Directors; Co-Chair Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation

  • Myriam Achard

    Director of communication and public relations, Phi Center

  • Anick Beaulieu

    Chief Executive Officer, C2

  • Michel Boislard

    Secretary of the C2 Montréal Board of Directors; Partner, Fasken Martineau

  • Jean-François Bouchard

    Founder, C2 Montréal; Co-Founder, Sid Lee

  • Roger Duguay

    Managing Partner, Boyden

  • Jacques-André Dupont

    Executive Chairman of the Board, C2

  • Erandi Motte Cortés

    Senior Director, International Markets, Entrepreneurship and Business Information at Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

  • Yves Lalumière

    President and Chief Executive Officer, Tourisme Montréal

  • Stephane Lefebvre

    CEO, Cirque du Soleil

  • Maria Varvarikos

    Founder and President, ZOÏ Agency

C2 Montréal is a springboard for Québec’s economy

C2 Montréal is a springboard for Québec’s economy. Merging commerce and creativity in a unique setting designed by C2 Montréal enables the province’s organizations to leverage new business opportunities. In companies that attended C2 Montréal, one out of four developed new business activities after the event.

The majority of C2 Montréal participants hail from small- to medium-sized businesses (less than 100 employees) that ink deals with other Québec-based partners, creating synergies within the province’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. Businesses attending C2 Montréal generate an economic impact of over $500 million in Québec.