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C2 Montréal

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Need advice planning your perfect C2MTL23 schedule? Have a question about logistics or technology at the venue? Wondering how to access on-site contacts and resources that can propel your career/startup/network? A C2 Expert can help. Offering personalized concierge-style services before and during C2MTL, feel at ease knowing you have an on-site bff.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is C2 Montréal 2023 happening?

For its 12th edition, C2 Montréal will take place from Wednesday, May 24 to Friday, May 26 at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel and Place Ville Marie (across the street). The Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth's address is 900 René-Lévesque Blvd. W., Montreal, Quebec, H3B 4A5.

What activities will be offered at C2 Montréal 2023?

In addition to C2's signature networking activities, the programming for C2 Montréal 2023 will be divided into four principal categories, namely conferences, labs, coaching and open-ended play. Please refer to the "C2MTL Experience" section for more details about these activities.

When will the full schedule for C2 Montréal 2023 be available?

The full schedule for C2 Montréal 2023 will be out on April 24, 2023.

Is it possible for different people to each attend a day of C2 Montreal 2023 with the same pass?

Purchasing the business pass will allow for splitting the pass so that a different person can attend each day of the event.

How can I optimize my experience with the help of the C2 Experts team?

In addition to helping you discover and navigate the event platform, our C2 Experts can provide suggestions for newcomers and answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate to seek them out if you need assistance or clarification navigating the platform, or for any general questions regarding C2 Montréal 2023. Please note that during activities, our C2 Experts will be onsite to greet you and answer any questions — don’t be shy about interacting with them! The role of the C2 Experts is to be of service to you, so please be sure to make good use of them. You can communicate with our team directly by email at or through the chat function on our online platform Fanslab. For all technical issues, please contact our technical support team directly at

Do I need to present proof of vaccination to enter Canada?

Please note that there are no longer any requirements related to COVID-19 to visit Canada. For more details regarding foreign travellers, please refer to the government website.

What are the next steps after purchasing my pass?

Our Fanslab event platform will be accessible when the schedule is revealed. At that time, you will receive an invitation to complete your profile on the Fanslab platform. Your profile reflects your personality and will be viewed by all participants. The information you provide will help other participants interact with you, so it's important to complete the fields that indicate your interests and areas of expertise.