NEW! 10 curated programming tracks at C2 Montréal

Transform your C2 experience with custom programming tracks tailored to fit your needs


10 new tracks at C2 Montréal

Marketing in the attention economy

Where is attention going and how do we meet audiences there? This track takes stock of the great shifts transforming the work of marketers and creatives and highlights new tools and strategies to foster meaningful relationships with audiences and consumers.

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Why programming tracks?

With so much intellectual, social, visual and other stimuli happening simultaneously, it can be hard to focus on what you set out to achieve at C2 Montréal. 

New this year, you can now deepen learning and optimize your time at C2 with the following 10 curated, interest-based programming tracks. Let them be your guide to the conferences, workshops, masterclasses and more that are most relevant to you and your business. Explore the 2020 tracks...

What people are saying

I come to C2 Montréal for the conferences, to find new ideas, innovations... Getting inspired at the end of the day. There are always interesting topics covered during the event.
The reason why we come to C2 Montréal is because we want to learn new techniques that we can implement in our business. So we are just here to grow as much as we can! Also, the caliber of interesting people here is really impressive.

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The new economic order

How can we transform the economic landscape to be more equitable, sustainable and fair? This track explores creative, economic and financial solutions to the negative effects of capitalism, analyzing the skills as well as the education and training necessary to thrive in the future economic order.

Focus Programming: AI in action

How is AI deployed at scale? What are the challenges and conditions that must be in place to allow for the responsible development of AI solutions? Learn how AI projects and research are currently transforming a wide variety of industries.

Taking audiences there

What kind of immersive experiences are audiences seeking? Get insights from creative leaders and entertainment pioneers.

Great leaders make great leaders

What does it take to be a great leader and manager? Get inspired by the stories and vision of renowned business leaders from a wide variety of industries.

Shaping narratives in polarized times

This track will explore the state of media, journalism and content creation through the eyes of visionary storytellers: Is there a creative way to save the public record? How can we break online filter bubbles? Where are audiences going? What’s the best way to raise awareness?

Creative business by design

Meet multidisciplinary creative directors, designers, architects and artists bringing novel approaches to their practice. Get inspired by the best in hardware design, fashion, set and stage visuals, and more.

The Moonshots: launching big ideas

Discover bleeding-edge innovations and the impact they could have on the way we live, work and collaborate.

Your connected life

How might we better leverage our increasingly connected lives? What’s the best tech hygiene in 2020? How can we make data work for us?

Sexy sustainability

Discover the most exciting projects and approaches for sustainable living and circular business.

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