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Emerging Entrepreneurs

 Emerging entrepreneurs at work at C2 Montréal

Discover the best of the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Each year, the Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest helps propel 25 of Quebec’s most promising new companies. Launched in 2012, the contest’s mission is to help local startups shine by giving them access to networking, visibility and the tools they need to take their business to new heights. Since its inception, more than 275 companies have benefitted from the contest, and 85% of them are still operating. Among them are flagships of our economy such as Dialogue, Les Fermes Lufa, BonLook, Frank and Oak, Alvéole, Breather, Oatbox and Busbud.

The Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest returned for its 13ᵉ edition this year and rewarded 25 promising young companies.

Meet the next wave of Quebec business change-makers. Here are the winners of the 2024 edition :

  • Julien Nolin: Base Habitation, Founder

    Modular cabins for simple, sustainable living.

  • Dany Bolduc : Datanergie, CEO

    Heating and cooling buildings with the heat released by data processing (GPU).

  • Mathieu Rivel : Displaid, Co-Founder and CBO

    The future of medical imaging. Medical innovation for healthcare professionals.

  • Adrienne Jung : eeva, Co-founder and CEO

    A simple (yet powerful) tool to manage your home and everyone in it.

  • Daniel Couillard : Ethical Factory, President and CEO

    New-generation vending machines based on robotic technologies and artificial intelligence (ia).

  • Pierre-Edouard Goriaux : Fabili, Co-founder and CEO

    Fabli lets children dream, learn and have fun, thanks to a screen-less interactive reader, audio stories and games.

  • Adria Santos : Fülhaus Ai, CEO

    Home furnishing made simple with the world's fastest interior designer. Ludwig is an AI conceived and trained by professional interior designers.

  • Yanfa Zhuang : Gaz Hythermique, Founder and CEO

    At the forefront of innovation in industrial gas processing, specializing in advanced solutions for carbon capture, atmospheric oxygen production, and biogas purification.

  • Aimé Toumelin : Hadaly, CEO

    Hadaly redefines due diligence in capital markets through advanced AI technology.

  • Lamia Guellif : Héra Care Solutions,CEO and Cofounder

    Founded on the principle of providing non-invasive, innovative solutions for menstrual pain relief, Héra Care Solutions is at the forefront of transforming women's health through technology.

  • Nassim Bahloul : Hivenue, Managing Director

    Marketplace helping international students and expats booking furnished rooms in co-living spaces with like-minded roommates, powered by AI.

  • Lara Emond : Iris + Arlo, CEO and Founder

    Created by and for people with menstruation, Iris + Arlo is a social and environmental impact brand focused on global health that offers healthy, sustainable and well-designed products.

  • Virgine Jaffredo : JAXA Production

    Production house for linear content and immersive experiences, combining virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR) technologies.

  • Alexandre Clarizio : Kaster Technologies, President and founder

    A powerful planning and scheduling software designed for CDMOs.

  • Amin Bensadok : Le Réseau Homies, CEO and Founder

    Created to tackle the impersonality of virtual relationships and digital interaction.

  • Anouk Ethier : Noukii, Productor

    Production company that pushes the limits of technology to give a human dimension to the cultural experiences of tomorrow.

  • Karine Bah Tahe : Oasis Learning AI, Cofounder and CEO

    Oasis is revolutionizing current custom-made training since they’re generic for individual employees who all have unique contexts and needs.

  • Roxane Lessard : Panorama, Founder and CEO

    Board’s governance simplified thanks to one accessible and intuitive software.

  • Fauve Doucet : Partage Club, Founder et President

    Le Partage Club is the first digital platform to democratize the lending of goods between communities in an unlimited, safe and positive way.

  • Antoine Duval : Pikobuz, President

    Helps students motivate themselves and improve their writing skills in French and other languages by creating applications focused on the pleasure of writing.

  • Phil Boivin : Solution KEHOPS, Cofounder and CEO

    A digital solution that enables organizations to optimize recruitment and maximize the number of vacancies filled.

  • Hamie Robitaille : Studio TRANSVERSAL, Cofounder and Creative Director

    A creative studio and artistic organization specializing in creating immersive experiences and innovative interactive installations.

  • Benoît Archambault : Talksoon, CEO and Cofounder

    Talksoon is a telecom SaaS company focusing on the ‘Missed Call’ segment of the customer interaction.

  • Arnaud Latreille : Vega Biolmaging, COO

    A cancer diagnostics company that enables quantitative, multi-targeted and rapid testing of proteins in biopsies.

  • Edouard Reinach : Trampoline AI, CEO

    Trampoline reduces the response time to answering Requests For Proposals and managing business proposals for professional service businesses using its knowledge management automation algorithm.


  • A pass to C2MTL 2024 for your company.

  • Special networking opportunities within the C2 ecosystem.

  • A private cocktail to network with your peers and meet key industry players.

  • Exclusive workshops tailored to your needs.

  • And much more!


  • Be a creative startup company that has been in existence for less than three years.

  • Be incorporated in Quebec.

  • Be actively in business.

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