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Emerging Entrepreneurs

 Emerging entrepreneurs at work at C2 Montréal

Discover the best of the next generation of entrepreneurs

Each year, the Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest helps propel 25 of Quebec’s most promising new companies. Launched in 2012, the contest’s mission is to help local startups shine by giving them access to networking, visibility and the tools they need to take their business to new heights. Since its inception, more than 275 companies have benefitted from the contest, and 85% of them are still operating. Among them are flagships of our economy such as Dialogue, Les Fermes Lufa, BonLook, Frank and Oak, Alvéole, Breather, Oatbox and Busbud.

We are pleased to announce the following 2023 winners of the EEC. Each will enjoy a 3-day pass to C2 Montréal (May 24-26) so that they can take in all that C2MTL has to offer while also benefiting from a custom programming track designed exclusively for the 25 victors as well as a private networking cocktail.

Meet the next wave of Quebec business change-makers. Without further ado, in alphabetical order by company name:

  • Aeroport AI: Zhenglin Xiong, CEO

    Aeroport AI is an AI solutions provider for airlines and airports that focuses on enhancing operations management, reducing costs, minimizing risks and more.

  • AllSkills: Noah Goren, Co-Founder

    AllSkills is a platform that aims to inspire creativity, sustainable growth and competition among the world's sports talents based on a 1:1 competition concept.

  • ASKaFOX: Hanyin Chen, Co-Founder and CEO

    ASKaFOX helps worldwide manufacturers to increase their supply chain resiliency through AI. Some strive to predict disruptions; ASKaFOX simply provides options.

  • Bello Water: Clément Bouland, Co-Founder

    Bello has built the world’s first home-water infuser capable of purifying and infusing water with reusable, multiserving glass capsules to create ready-to-drink beverages.

  • Better Being: Shi Diwen Zhu, Founder and President

    Better Being is a startup promoting health and wellness through creativity and entertainment.

  • Comparastore: Nylan Raufaste, Co-Founder and CEO

    Comparastore revolutionizes the self-storage industry by simplifying the experience of booking a storage unit through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • Draft&Goal: Nabil Tayeb, Co-Founder and CEO

    Draft&Goal has created an automated AI workflow allowing enterprises to create impactful content at scale.

  • Happly: Thierry Lindor, Co-Founder

    Happly's AI-powered platform matches entrepreneurs with economic opportunities based on their unique profiles.

  • Heylist: Vicky Boudreau, Founder

    Heylist is a two-sided influencer marketing marketplace that connects brands and agencies to nano-influencers.

  • Homr Solutions: Véronique Gaumond-Carignan, Co-Founder and CEO

    Homr's mission is to facilitate homeownership by democratizing rent-to-own through its innovative technology platform.

  • Hôtel UNIQ: Myriam Corbeil, Founder and CEO

    Hôtel UNIQ is an ephemeral and ecoresponsible lodging village, glamping style, that travels throughout Quebec to respond to the lack of lodging in natural destinations.

  • Hubblo Immersion: Jean-Philippe Turgeon, Co-Founder and Vice-President

    Hubblo’s mission is to build the first hub exclusively dedicated to fulldome works, immersive installations, interactive experiences, and virtual and augmented reality.

  • Kaptics: Marc-Antoine Moinnereau, Co-Founder and CEO

    Harnessing advancements in neuroscience, Kaptics provides solutions to enhance the effectiveness of VR training by measuring user engagement and performance.

  • Le Gamer Mentor: Katherine Mailloux, Co-Founder

    The objective of Le Gamer Mentor is to support teenagers by bringing healthy habits to the playing of video games.

  • Masse Critique: Valérie Vedrines, Founder and Chair of the Board

    Masse Critique propels the responsible transformation of the communications industry through education, support and the co-creation of new standards.

  • Moast: Mark Yeramian, Co-Founder and Head of Product and Marketing

    Moast brings social proof to purchase decisions by introducing shoppers to a brand's existing customers, creating honest and authentic shopping experiences. 

  • Plan Monark: Patricia Girard, Founder and CEO

    A platform for engaging teams and optimizing organizational performance.

  • Proud Diamond: Virginie Roy, Founder and CEO

    Proud Diamond is a startup creating truly conscious and ethical jewelry made of lab-grown diamonds that have not been mined.

  • Soralink: Yun Yao, CEO

    Soralink helps manufacturers in reducing unplanned downtime by predicting machine failures before they occur.

  • Superbacked Inc.: Sun Knudsen, Founder

    Superbacked is a secrecy management platform used to back up sensitive data and establish governance schemes in the context of access control and succession planning.

  • Thehealtea: Leila Kairns, Co-Founder and COO

    Healtea makes ready-to-drink, sober adaptive, better-for-you versatile soda-replacing beverages that functionally benefit everyone.

  • Trendit: Noa Disegni, Founder and COO

    Trendit is the first social network that ranks Canadian events to recommend them to participants. Trendit has created the only app that ranks events live using points.

  • Ulikorn: Yasmina Raiss, Founder and CEO

    Ulikorn is a reverse recruitment platform: candidates hire.

  • Umanize Technologies: Christopher Leduc, CEO

    Umanize is an immersive digital platform that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds by connecting professionals in workspaces, training and events.

  • Wide the Brand: Mahrzad Lari, Co-Founder

    Wide the Brand is a platform that elevates its clientele thanks to garments and collections developed with confidence in mind, allowing men to take on the world.